7 Best Tips on Heat Pump Maintenance from an Expert

Your heat pump provides year-round comfort for your home. And once it’s installed, there’s little you’ll need to do as long as it’s routinely maintained by a professional. If you have any questions regarding your heat pump or simply want to learn how to optimize its performance, use this guide to find the best tips on heat pump maintenance from our experts. 

Check the Filter Monthly

If you own a heat pump system that has a standard one-inch air filter, you should have it checked every month when it’s operating. If it looks dirty or is clogged up, wash it out if it’s washable (not all heat pumps are). If you’ve had it for longer than six months, it may need to be replaced if it’s looking worn or has any tears. Some air purifiers are disposable and should be completely replaced. 

Never Repair One on Your Own

Today’s heat pumps are more complex than ever before. Many include delicate components like solid-state circuit boards and sensors that can be damaged if you attempt to repair it on your own. There’s also a serious risk of electrocution which can result in death, and also the chance of releasing harmful refrigerants into the atmosphere. These are just some of the reasons why many provinces only allow those that possess a Red Seal Certified Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic’s license to legally work on air conditioners and heat pump systems. Even if the problem seems simple to replace, it’s crucial that you contact a Red Seal certified expert instead of trying to fix it yourself.

Consider Upgrading at the 10-Year Mark

Most heat pump systems have a 10-15 year lifespan. A majority of the manufacturer’s warranties will expire at this point, making it more expensive to replace the parts. Plus, most systems will start to require significant repairs at this age, especially on the major components that are costly to fix. But don’t wait to replace your heat pump if you start experiencing issues earlier on. As soon as you notice any problems, talk to a heat pump specialist to find out if your current system should be replaced, regardless of the age.

Refer to the Manufacturer Guidelines Before Using a Cover

Before you place any cover over your outdoor heat pump, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions first. A majority of the systems will have a minimum clearance to ensure proper airflow from the top of the unit. If you don’t follow the instructions properly, you could impact your heat pumps performance and even void your warranty if you cover it. 

The Size is Not Always the Problem

If your heat pump isn’t heating your home properly, it may not be the size that’s the issue. Many homeowners make the mistake of replacing their heat pumps with larger ones when they don’t receive enough heat. However, the source of the problem might be coming from the installation, system design, ductwork or other issues that are not easily detectable. There are various ways to find out what is causing the issues, which is why it’s important to call an expert first to come and inspect your system before spending any money on buying a larger one. 

You Don’t Need to Switch to Emergency Heat at the Freezing Point

There’s no need to manually switch on your thermostat’s emergency or auxiliary heat once the temperature drops below zero. Your heat pump will work well, even at below -15 degrees Celsius. The thermostat will work automatically with your heat pump to deliver the right amount of heat. If you find that you continually need to set your temperature, contact your local HVAC professional.

Preventative Maintenance Should Be Done Annually

Routine heat pump maintenance by an expert can help to keep your system performing efficiently and can even expand the lifespan. You should schedule heat pump maintenance with a professional at least once a year. They will inspect the components thoroughly, clean the parts, diagnose and fix any issues, verify correct electrical controls, ensure that the thermostat is operating properly and that the system is optimized for all seasons.

If you have any questions or need immediate heat pump service, contact our team at Atmosphere Climate Control Specialists Ltd. – we are your local Halifax Heat Pump service team. Our Red Seal Certified technicians and apprentices are highly trained, skilled and specialized. You can rely on us to keep your heat pump working optimally so that you can enjoy lower heating bills and more year-round comfort at home. If you haven’t had an inspection yet this year, contact us directly and we’ll set up an appointment that best suits your schedule.  Ask one of our customer service representatives about our VIP memberships and find out how you can SAVE!!.