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If you are considering replacing your old furnace this year, perhaps a heat pump is on your list of possibilities. But the question is: Is it a good idea for your Nova Scotia home? To break down  the points, we will give our unbiased opinion so that you can make the best decision for your home and your budget.

old furnace vs heat pump

When it comes to heating, an oil furnace is considered the standard of most homes. Many homeowners from Halifax to Wolfville and surrounding areas are using oil as their primary heating source rather than non fossil fuel options. For decades, oil furnaces had maintained their reputation in home heating. Also, they have a longer lifespan than other heating units. They can last longer if they receive regular maintenance, and those electric models can last even longer and can combat even the most extreme cold weather conditions. However, when it comes to making a big change in the HVAC system, many homeowners might turn to heat pumps instead of furnaces. Heat pumps are electrically-powered systems that operate like split A/C and are using a similar set of ducts in distributing the air. The good thing about heat pumps is that they can work both as heating and cooling, unlike your traditional oil furance. So, which one do you think is better? If you are still undecided, continue reading…

Factors to consider when using heat pumps

It is a wise choice to switch to a heat pump if your home uses a forced air oil or electric furnace for your primary heating. Although heat pumps run on electricity, they use far less energy compared to electric furnaces in the heating mode. Opting for a heat pump over a replacement oil/electric furnace is also better if you want to have the added benefit of central air conditioning during the hot, humid weather Nova Scotia’s summers are rapidly changing into. In a single installation, you can have both heating and cooling, making heat pumps the most cost-friendly solution.

Factors to consider when using furnaces

Gas-powered furnaces are more capable of handling lower temperatures in cold months compared to heat pumps that struggle to deliver efficiency if the temperature is very low. So if you have an existing gas furnace and you want the added benefit of air conditioning you do not need to purchase a heat pump system, you can just add an air conditioning coil to your existing gas furnace instead. It is wise to stick with your natural gas furnace then switching to a heat pump. Natural Gas furnaces are still the most cost effective option when it comes to heating your home since the cost of natural gas is much less than electricity in Nova Scotia.

Need help deciding ?

There is nothing wrong with considering other available options like heat pumps. But of course, you need to consider first the factors and determine the effect of this change on your comfort and budget. If you need assistance, Atmosphere Climate Controls Ltd. is here to help you decide whether or not to replace your forced air furnace with a heat pump. Give us a call today for your free in home consultation.

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