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At least a few times a week we receive complaints from homeowners in Halifax who have made heat pump purchases from energy assessment business’s.  The complaints vary but the general consensus is that a lack of installation and design experience is a huge issue with hiring firms of this nature. We have countless situations where we have seen undersized heat pumps, oversized heat pumps, poor unit placement and other related issues such as ductwork layout and design.  Just because someone can preform an energy assessment on your home (which ultimately leads to their attempts to sell you products) does not mean that they have the knowledge or expertise to provide such services.  Many of these so called “Heating Specialists” have little more than a few, one day courses that touch on a wide scope of information.  It takes decades of experience and study to properly design and install heating and air conditioning systems.  There are many factors to be considered when assessing a homes heating and cooling needs that far exceed the generalized knowledge of an energy advisor.  

Energy advisors are tasked with helping businesses and homeowners to make their homes or buildings more energy-efficient to lower costs related to electricity, gas, and other forms of energy consumption.  This does not necessarily mean that they are qualified to design and install systems to lower the energy consumption that they have preformed a report on.  Selling and installing ductless mini split heat pumps is significantly different than designing and sizing whole home heating systems such as centrally ducted heat pumps and gas furnaces.  If you have used such a business for your heating or cooling needs and are having issues or concerns about the system performance please feel free to contact us for a consultation from one of our licensed and experienced heating and air conditioning experts. Call (902) 483-6592 or visit us online at

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