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It’s always the hottest/coldest days of the year that your heat pump system tends to fail or perform far below normal efficiency. If you have not had regular maintenance on your heat pump system, it is likely in need of repair.  Atmosphere Climate Control Specialists has service techs available now to service and repair your heat pump, so you’ll be cozy and warm all winter.

With over 30 years of experience our technicians have been serving Halifax residents in neighbourhoods like Bedford, Lower Sackville, Hammonds Plains, Enfield, Tantallon and surrounding areas with expert heat pump repair.

Emergency heat pump repair service is available 24/7 year round. Day or night, we’ll get you out of the cold and keep you feeling cozy and warm all season.

All Atmosphere technicians are NATE certified which means they have the skills to repair your heat pump and the knowledge to offer advice on maintaining optimum working conditions year-round.

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Before Calling Heating Cooling Repair Service – Checklist 

We have put together the following list of things you should check before calling for heat pump or air conditioning service. 

Many homeowners are quick to pick up the phone and call for service. When the service tech arrives and finds something simple you have that embarrassed feeling like you could have checked it and fixed it yourself and now you’re out $150. With over 20 years of providing heating and air conditioning service for thousands of customers we have responded to a lot of service calls and found these to be the most common and very simple things that most homeowners can check for themselves and resolve the problem with their air conditioner or heating pump system. If; however you are uncomfortable with checking any of these things then you should call for service and let one of our certified technicians check the system for you.

1. Check the settings on the thermostat.

2. Make sure your air filter(s) is clean.

3. Check the power supply.

4. Check the ductless mini split heat pump for errors / flashing lights.

5) Check for freezing up of the indoor unit.

6) Check the breakers on the front panel.

7) Is the secondary drain pan overflowing from a clogged “P” trap or condensate line? 

If you are uncomfortable checking any of these things always call for service and let the technician resolve the issue for you. 

Sometimes there could be more than one problem even if you find any of the above issues. For example, a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker could be the result of a failed electrical device that needs to be repaired or replaced. These are out of the scope of most homeowners ability to repair not only from a technical perspective but also from a safety perspective.

Some homeowners will go too far in trying to repair their own system which can end up doing more damage to the system and it may be best to wait for a technician.  Please DO NOT put you or your family in danger trying to repair something yourself. Your checks should be measured and limited to your comfort level in the list above. Anything outside of that needs to be taken care of by a trained professional. Good Luck!!

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