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Leaders in Halifax Heat Pump Service and Maintenance

As highly trained experts in heat pump maintenance with years of experience in Halifax, Atmosphere Climate Control is the leader in the residential heat pump industry that you can count on. We are the only recognized Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer in Atlantic Canada.  We ONLY employ Red Seal Certified Journey persons and Apprentices.  Our Technicians are also NATE Certified and properly equipped to provide you with the best customer service, with detailed reports of your visit..

Call the heat pump pros at Atmosphere Climate Control Specialists for your next Halifax heat pump maintenance and or service visit.

Heat Pump Maintenance 101: 

Many homeowners who tend to ignore the maintenance needs of their heat pump would agree that they usually fail during the worst time of year, in the dead of winter or the height of the summer. As a homeowner this is the last thing you want; especially since these are the two busiest times of year for HVAC companies. The best solution is preventative maintenance, which is essential to a heat pump’s longevity, efficiency and reliability.

Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance:

1. Energy efficiency: when consistently maintained a heat pump is up to 25% more efficient.

Lower operating costs: Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent small issues that could turn into expensive repairs.

Extend the heat pump’s lifetime: As with any other equipment with motors and moving parts the components within heat pumps wear with time. During a maintenance visit for your heat pump or AC, a technician will ensure that components are in top working condition. The Technician may also replace worn parts that could become problematic in the future and suggest things that you can do to make your heat pump system more efficient and healthier for you and your family.

Save time: A routine maintenance visit is less time consuming than heat pump repairs, which require troubleshooting and down time waiting on replacement parts.


What to Expect during Preventative Heat Pump Maintenance.

When our technician performs maintenance on your heat pump, the expert will check the following:

The area around a heat pump: The area around the unit should be free of debris.

Thermostat: The thermostat should accurately reflect the indoor temperature and humidity. Thermostat settings should maximize your comfort while saving you energy at the same time.

Electrical connections, capacitors, relays and contractors: Tight connections ensure safety and extend the system’s life. The technician will also check the heat pump’s energy consumption and capacitors to ensure the heat pump is operating optimally. Otherwise, the unit is at risk of electrical hazards, as well as motor and compressor failures.

Unit disconnect switches and test time delay: A disconnect switch and test time delay that work well prevent blown fuses and electrical hazards.

Condensate drain and pan: The drain should not have obstructions. The condensate pan should not leak or have cracks.

Startup, shutdown and other controls: The technician will verify that the heat pump turns on and off appropriately, as well as ensure the proper function of the unit’s additional controls. As the heat pump turns on, runs, and shuts off, the specialist will listen for unusual noises and vibrations.

Air filter: Dirty air filters waste energy and cause unnecessary wear and tear on compressors. The technician will either clean or replace the air filter. (Filters provided by homeowner).

Blower wheel and motor: Dirty blower wheels and motors hinder airflow, which could waste energy and damage the compressor. A technician will ensure the motor draws the proper amperage.

The alignment of belts, pulley and other components: Misaligned components result in costly repairs.

Panels: If safety panels are not in place, the unit will not operate. The technician will also inspect the heat pump’s additional safety features.

Coil temperatures: If temperatures across a coil differ, this may be indicative of production or capacity problems.

Condenser fan and coil: The technician will clean the condenser coil to prevent problems related to the refrigerant’s pressure. The expert will also check the fan for vibrations, as well as the motor stability and amp draw.

Crankcase heater: Crankcase heaters that don’t function well could damage the compressor.

Reversing valve: Reversing valves that function properly save energy.

Defrost function: A defrost system in good working condition prevents heat losses and compressor damage.

Refrigeration metering device: Clogged metering devices and those that don’t work well hinder a heat pump’s efficiency, life and cooling capacity. The technician will also ensure the refrigerant has the proper charge.

Compressor amp draw: The compressor and other components within the heat pump should draw the appropriate amount of power.

Indoor Coil and Blower Mold: Heat Pumps are known to harbour harmful bacteria and mold within the indoor blower section of the system. The technician will thoroughly check and clean your system and recommend products to reduce or eliminate mold for good.

After the preventive heat pump maintenance check, the technician will review the results of the inspection and the improvements that were made. Depending on the findings, you may receive recommendations about improvements or repairs the system needs.

Spring and Fall are the best times of the year to schedule your preventative heat pump maintenance with Atmosphere Climate Control. The services that our specialists provide will ensure that your system works well throughout the colder months of winter and the hotter months of summer, so you can focus on enjoying life. Schedule your appointment today.

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