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Indoor Air Quality
Understanding the Dangers of
Mold in Your Heat Pump

Mold is a real danger that can cause a variety of health effects to your family, including nasal congestion, throat irritation, and various cold and flu-like symptoms.  Those with mold allergies and sensitvities may suffer from more serious health problems including chronic lung diseases and infections.

When a heat pump gets infected with mold it will spread through the duct work of your home.  This gives the mold a chance to grow throughout your system and become a menace in nearly every room of your house.

How Mold Can Grow In A Heat Pump 

During the summer months when the system is cooling it removes the moisture from the air and this moisture is a breeding ground for mold to form.  Because the inside of your heat pump is cold, damp and dark it is prone to suffering from mold infestation, a problem that can threaten the health and well-being of you and your family.  Once the cooling season has ended and the system changes over to heating the mold that formed over the cooling season dries up and becomes air born, being carried through the ducting and into each and every room of your home.

Getting Rid Of Mold In Your Heat Pump:

- Have annual cleanings preformed at least once per year by a professional HVAC contractor to have them remove the existing mold.
- Install a single or dual Carrier Perfomance UV light or equivalent that will kill and prevent any further mold growth
- Install a Carrier Infinity Air Purifier or similar air filtration system that will filter and eliminate air born pollutants and disease.
- Change your air filter often

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